The awakening


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(free) 03:57


released August 3, 2011

Recorded at Trinacria Media Studios during July and August 2011 by Nicolas Nargrath
Edition, Mix and Mastering by Lian Gerbino

Vorgrum Line up:
Kryz: Gutural vocals
Folter: Lead guitars & choirs
Olek: Rythm guitars & bass & clean vocals & choirs



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VORGRUM Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Argentina

Vorgrum is an argentinian Pagan Metal band. It was born as a final Project in late 2009. After many changes in the formation, Olek Shulezhko and Folter Bearhunter stayed as the only members of the band, later Kryz Olaf joined them. With changes in drums, it was decided to recording an EP for the next booking. After many shows the band enter in the studio to record Last Domain ... more

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Track Name: The Awakening
Free I run!
through my fields
through my forest
through my ends

I feel my skills Reborn
My reign has just begun!

impale those sacks of meat!
none of them cant ever breathe!

Are you tested the human flesh?
is it stringy, filthy or wet?

release the woods of this growing scourge
or perhaps you want to lose!

teach our firstborn
what it takes
to be a real TROLL!
Track Name: Dub Roda
Keep your hands off my sword
I will tell you a secret, but keep your word
Do not disturb the story again
or the only thing you will get will be pain

look at this piece.
remains of the burnt tree
seems strange that I have this!
I got in my last years
might not believe me
but I saw him standing.
He could breathe like a god
with the forest, watching

a sad day it happened.
flames, turned green
his power is going to end
is what had to be.
future generations may not see it
but you'll have luck
I will describe it for you

those branches, they could cover.
those fears that haunt us from childhood.
its height exceeded, the ego of man,

the power emanating from his presence did not compare to no king, no emperor. with any man.
impaled on the sacred ground.

the great lay there, day and night
helping travelers who needed help.
the day of the slaughter ended her life. and the existence of many of us.

the hope that his remains allow to grow a branch.
is something that becomes a vain wish.
might happen soon or not.
Track Name: By The Words Of The Wise
I hear the horde get closer
Hitting the ground with his anger
they will have no mercy
On the way to my land they will die!

Listen my words, foreign man
Listen to our swords, cuting the wind
We will defend this land from your conquest
just listen the heretics, The words of the wise.

silence your words, your empty prophecies!
you can´t usurp what runs through my veins!
we´ll burn the remains of your attempt to conquer
our wilderness, is full of greatfull sway.

severed flesh, blood stains the fields
certainly, the sunset is faded in red
we can only respect what we see
the anger of gods, on them will fall.
Track Name: Under The Cloak Of Night
When the forest is still quiet
Means that even the day hasn't died
Bring those pints left over from the other day.
The idiot does not know where they are again!
Look for food, wheat, meat!
there is nothing, sir, only bread
What are you waiting for, shameless bastards
assault the villages, have my key words

through the busy roads one more time again
listening to the sounds of every day again
going to, rob, steal, one more time again
tonight to celebrate one more time again